Spring Winners Were Produced!

We had such an amazing weekend producing our Spring winners scripts!

A huge congratulations to Bernhard (short script winner), David (feature winner), and Anna (TV pilot winner)!!!!

David also joined us on the set as did several volunteers!

We wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos immediately but more to come!

Tree O’mine – Alex and Steve
Tree O’mine – Adra
Aunt Jeannie — Shannon and Greg
Aunt Jeannie – fight rehearsal
It’s starting to look good.
Heritage – Natalie Hurt
Heritage – Robin Soli
Aunt Jeannie – the family
Aaron our AC
Video village and the directors hard at work
Jen our sound mixer
Andrew, MJ and Alex
Steve our boom operator
What is so fun?
Tree O’mine

Oh, and we kinda broke the wall during our fight scene… (don’t tell anyone).

MJ is going to fix this — don’t worry!
And it got bigger… our winning writer David got to see the entire thing!