Screenplay requires screen time

Here’s How to Get Out of The Box for a Screenplay

Here’s How to Get Out of The Box for a Screenplay

Pro Tip: Start with a logline

It is often considered that creating out of the box ideas need extra-ordinary minds. But as they say, a human’s brain has no boundaries and can leap into any creative dimension. This requires effort in the right direction and a few considerate steps can lead brains into a creative bliss. Always remember, more brains produce more ideas so it’s always better to work with a team.

This creative bliss allows people to effectively engage with each other and produce good results. This engaging further requires some common elements. You wouldn’t want people working and using their brains in opposite poles. Ideas on a certain project need to have some common elements provided. Take it like a tree. It has to have a strong stem from which multiple branches emerge. These branches are the ideas you can get from one base.

Now here are a few steps that can help develop ideas. So if you are an aspiring producer or a writer then you should definitely use them to engage your best creative teams.

Brainstorming Knows No Boundaries:

The producer must create a comfortable space for his team to ‘think’ creatively. Ambience has a huge role in triggering the right side of your brain. Once the ambience has been created and the mood dive into the wonderland has been set you must be all ears to what is being created. You must welcome all ideas so there is room for more to generate.

If the surrounding is not comfortable with all types of ideas than you are limiting the scope of brain. You must listen to every idea, appreciate accordingly and encourage to do more. A positive space is essential for brainstorming, it has to be free of judgements.

Stealing is a Big NO, Giving is a Big YES:

Don’t steal ideas, give credits to whoever came up with it first. It creates a level of trust among your team and together you all can do more. If somebody wants to add to your idea let them do it, allow people to play around your work. If you become possessive of your idea then your team will avoid sharing their minds with you. This creates a blockage and what could have been a great idea is now lying half done on your drafting pad.

Take a Break and Relax:

Not only should you do it but also allow your team to do it as well. If you think you cannot find a great blockbuster idea sit down take a break and relax. You can also go out, take a walk, play with your dog, eat at a nice place or do anything that helps you think.

You can also be in the situations or places that you want to use in your masterpiece. For example, you want your screenplay to start off in a casino, you can visit one and it can help you think further on how to go about it.

Winner Gets a Prize!

If you feel that your team is all tired of the work and needs a motivation, organize small screenwriting competitions among your team. This will motivate them to do better and they will put more effort into it.

You could also hire a screenplay consulting service to do a competition. For example, there could be a Best Screenwriting contest where people can have a platform to share ideas. To further narrow it down, there could also be themes for contest where many creative brains can ponder over one subject and pour in ideas on a certain subject like LGBT screenplay contest.

This can give your firm/ production house publicity as well and can be a name known among people. The screenplay contest winners would get prizes for their writings and this could not only be a great marketing strategy but you could get multiple ideas from all the writings.

Know Your Place!

Every person in a screen play has his or her own role. The producer, writer and director see each event from their own perspective and lens. A creative piece is a combination of many things such as budget, locations, lighting, marketing etc. One must play their part from their domain. And let others play their part from their expertise. Don’t try to be jack of all trades because this then creates problems and can keep you stuck at a certain level. Others must also get a chance to use their brains and find solutions to little problems.

Keep in touch!

When you are working on an idea, your brain keeps going back at it. Sometimes, the ideas you get after a meeting are better than the ones you have during the meeting. Share them at once! Keep in touch with the idea not just in your head but practically as well by sharing it with your team mates often. It helps in moving forward and when you meet again, you don’t have to spend time in building a momentum but you already are at a place from where you might be able to just refine your idea and work on it further.

Screenplay requires screen time:

Watching other plays and movies is a great way to jump into the land of creativity. You can always look into other projects and find something that inspires you. It could be something that is not noticeable at all in that piece and can be your lead for something amazing.

You could also watch some greatest movies of all times and can draw inspiration from them. Appreciation for other person’s work is a great way to trigger your brain and push you forward into producing exceptional work.

Watching your favorite movie or TV show is also one of the ways to relax yourself and find something new that you haven’t noticed before. Your favorites could also give you a lead.

Watching something is not only a good way to produce ideas for writing but could also be a good inspiration for finding characters, locations and sometimes actions.