Join Our Screenwriting Workshop!

We are excited to announce that the cycle 2 winning feature screenplay Nidstang was optioned and is now in pre-production!

You can now become part of the movie team, get an associate producer credit, and join us for a film workshop for screenwriters to learn the ins-and-outs of filmmaking from the screenwriters perspective!

The hands-on process of filmmaking is so vital for screenwriters to understand so we want to offer screenwriters the opportunity to get involved in our next feature film production and get credited for their work!

What will you get as a part of the workshop:

  • Learn the role of a screenwriter in film production, including what happens to a screenplay when it gets optioned and goes through all the stages before production starts (locked scripts, shooting scripts, edited versions, working with a director) AND get involved in the process!
  • Learn what the process of pre-production is (auditions, scheduling, script breakdown, table reads, etc) and what is the role of the screenwriter and producers in this process AND be a part of this process! 
  • Become a part of the movie team with regular communication with Mad Wife Productions producers! We want to establish regular communication with emerging screenwriters!
  • Because of your involvement in the production, you’ll get an associate producer credit in the film. 
  • Also, you will get a one-on-one call with a producer to discuss your career and pitch your scripts (value of $199).

After completion of the workshop (and the film), you will:

  • Understand what is required from the screenwriter throughout the process and apply this to your writing
  • Understand what is involved in producing a film
  • Get an associate producer credit in a feature film
  • And most importantly, be more ready for your own film!

This workshop is normally $499 but for a limited time it is on sale for $349 and all the funds will go toward the production of the film. 

Only 30 spots remain available!

If you are interested in taking part in this, by your ticket via filmfreeway:

The film for this first workshop is Nidstang — it was the feature category winning script of Reno Tahoe Screenplay Contest cycle 2, was optioned and is now in pre-production.

You can watch the proof of concept film that was produced as part of the winning prize here!